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AnimeSpirit 09-25-2007 03:48 PM

Fox Demands Youtube Member's Identity


20th Century Fox served YouTube with a subpoena Wednesday, demanding that the Google-owned viral-video site disclose the identity of a user who uploaded copies of entire recent episodes of "24" and "The Simpsons."
I can understand Fox getting ticked at this particular guy, because he uploaded entire episodes. However, Youtube is dropping even the short clips of TV shows from their archives. That 45-second Family Guy clip I uploaded a while back was removed too.

What happened to the fair use policy?! We are allowed to use up to 30 seconds of copyrighted audio anywhere we want without infringing the copyright. I would expect a short clip from a 20-minute cartoon to be allowed a little more than 30 seconds since the original work was much longer. Bearing that in mind, a short clip from some show or another would not violate the copyright, but Youtube is still dropping them.

They are so going to run that site into the ditch.

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