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AnimeSpirit 02-18-2007 01:03 PM

Trinity Blood - Anime Review
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If you enjoyed Vampire Hunter D or Witch Hunter Robin, you will enjoy Cartoon Network's recent addition, Trinity Blood, on Adult Swim. This anime is not for children as there is much blood and killing going on. However, there is also some romance and even the Catholic religion plays a part in this anime. The Pope, who is merely a child in this anime, plays an active role as a regular character in the series.

The story takes place 900 years following the apocolyptic battle between God and the Devil (which is never shown in the series as far as I know). Most of the human race has been wiped out and is slowly rebuilding itself. In addition to rebuilding, the human race has been divided into two types of people. The Terrans are people who live throughout the world, not unlike humans as we known them. The Methuselah are a physically superior vampire race that inhabit an empire of their own, ruled by a young empress who is among the oldest Methuselah on Earth.

The main character is Father Abel Nightroad (picture below), a priest and officer in the Vatican's Special Forces. He is very compassionate and appears very weak and clumsy (not unlike Vash from Trigun). However, when a battle begins that threatens innocent lives, he activates his Crusnik form. In this form, Abel reveals that he is, in fact, a vampire who feeds on other vampires....a Crusnik. His eyes become red, his teeth extend into fangs, and a massive scythe appears in his hand which he uses to rip his enemies apart.

The series isn't all that long compared to other animes, but the storyline gets deep and contains many unexpected suprises for the viewer. I recommend this anime to all who enjoy the vampire genre.

AnimeSpirit 03-04-2007 10:23 PM

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The Trinity Blood series has finally ended on Cartoon Network. The series as a whole was ok at best, but I've seen far better storylines. In the end, the bad guy gets away and the hero picks up a new companion to follow him on his quest to beat the bad guy. The final battle was very Matrix, but terribly short.

They made Abel look very wicked in his Crusnik form in the end. Cain, the bad guy, looked more angelic. It's hard to believe he was such a demon. On top of all of this, Seth (pictured below) had to be my favorite character, yet there are only 2 fight scenes in the whole series which she took part in.

I think the series isn't bad for people who like the vampire genre, but I probably wouldn't watch it again unless I seriously had nothing better to watch.

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