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Tom Pace 11-19-2007 11:58 PM

I've got a Tiger by the Tail, Or, "Is Les Miles "The Cat's Meow?"
I've Got a Tiger by The Tail, or, "Is Les Miles "The Cat's Meow?" by Tom Pace Nov 17 2007 10:36 AM - (views 34)

"I've got a Tiger by the tail, it's plain to see..." so sang Buck Owens. The same could be said about LSU Coach Les Miles...The only question is:

"Will the Bayou Bengals play for a second BCS Championship?"
(Can they win their last 3 games: today against Ole week, Arkansas..
and finally, the SEC Championship?)

And then, the EVEN BIGGER Burning Question among LSU faithful...
Will Les stay in Tigertown.,or, jump ship to his alma mater, Michigan ?

Better yet, is there enough $$$ in the LSU system (aka, Nick Saban's 32 million reasons for Brother Miles to stay in BR - I know, he's said that it's his home, now, but with coaches, especially winning ones,
"Is home where the heart is...or, where the wallet is?"

Like Louisiana Politics, rumors abound on the ultimate stopping point for Coach Miles.
Given the Bayou Bengals pechant as "The CARDIAC KIDS" , as a second half,
come from behind team...Can Les really win "The BIG ONE."

The Tiger Team has boarded #18 Jacob (Freight Train) Hester...and, it looks like they're heading to the BCS. But, and it's a BIG "BUT" -
will the Tiger Train get derailed? They can't afford the penalties, the miscues,
and missed opportunites like the past 5 games!

The defibrillator can only do so much, especialy when the patient's flat-lined.
It's gut-check time for the Tigers, and Les will have to pull a Great Big Rabbit,
out of his bag 'o tricks, if they fall behind again.
The Top 25 have been on a roller-coaster this year, and one thing's for sure:
There are no guarantees in College Football in 2007.

Just ask Oregon this past Thursday night...Ohio State.. USC..Texas...Florida...Georgia...
and yes, even LSU. Gives one a moment to ponder.

**Oh, for the record, I predict LSU should down Ole Miss by 3 touchdowns (42-21)
Jury's still out on the Tigers/Hogs Battle for the Boot.

Tell me what you think. Tom

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