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AnimeSpirit 04-04-2007 09:25 PM

Anime this week!
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Saturday will be coming up again and that means all of the best anime will be coming on Cartoon Network on Toonami and Adult Swim. CN really screwed the pooch last week by having a long movie marathon followed by an all-night marathon of Perfect Hair Forever. It was such a piece of crap cartoon that I'm not gonna waste my time even reviewing it. AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS OR SLOW PAINFUL DEATH BY VISUAL TORTURE SHALL BECOME YOU ALL!!!

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The last new episode of Naruto we saw was a week and a half ago. The title was Third Hokage...Forever and highlighted the long and fruitful life of the recently deceased 3rd Hokage. Unfortunately, CN cut several minutes off of this show for some technical screw up. Hopefully, they'll have their ducks in a row this week or it's gonna be MUTINY!!!

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In Naruto this week, the Akatsuki are starting to make their moves toward an unsuspecting Naruto and his demonic companion. We actually get a nice, short battle scene with (guess who!?) Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke's brother! His opponent is the always cool-headed (and just plain cool) Kakashi Hatake.

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One Piece will likely pick up and continue the fight against Baroque Works. The Straw Hat pirates were winning the battle one by one, but the bad guy has finally arrived and his seriously unstylish fur coat (in the FREAKING DESERT!!!). I'm not too much into this series, personally, but I'd rather watch it then Prince of Tennis. I wonder what happened to Zatch Bell! :freaky: that series was better.

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I'm really looking forward to the newest episode of Blood+. I think we'll finally get to see Saya in action again. We haven't figured out whether or not her father will survive the chiropteran wound he received last time, but I'm certainly not expecting it. He seemed very preoccupied with his family's tomb and that's usually a clue. This will probably be the issue that pushes Saya into her bad@$$ self. Has anyone realized yet that Saya is really a vampire? ;) Vampire vs. blood-sucking demons...gotta love it! :D

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Bleach has been very slow these past few episodes. There has been very little action and we're just now getting into more swordplay as of week before last and only Ichigo has seen any real action whereas the rest of his group have been hiding out. BORING! I'm hoping we'll see some action on all sides this week. I wonder is Ichigo will romantically hook up with Rukia later on. Personally, I like Orihime better! :clap: I have no clue how she can stand up straight though, because her cleavage could knock you out if she turned around too fast. :freaky:

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I've really got into watching Eureka 7. The series was very slow going at first and Eureka (pronounced 'owrecka') seriously had the personality of a wet mop. She has finally warmed up to Renton and confessed her love for him. How sweet! :D I'm still curious about where the story could possibly go from here. According to the episode teaser last time, Renton is going to meet his sister. I also hear rumors of him bumping into his father. That would definitely explain where they disappeared to. Maybe this will all be cleared up next time.

I wrote Cartoon Network a nasty e-mail last time when they cancelled all of the anime for a Perfect Hair Forever marathon. I told them to fire the stupid suit that made that decision because he obviously doesn't know the job.

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