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AnimeSpirit 06-15-2007 11:33 AM

Website Promotion

This topic is for my fellow website owners out there!

I found this really useful guide on the Internet a while back. It's full of useful information about expanding your website into the competitive web market. There's a lot of stuff in there about getting high rank in search engines, like Google, too.

As far as I can tell, one of the biggest attributes of your site that wins points from Google's search crawler is link popularity. In other words, if there are a few hundred websites or more out there that link to your site, then you've got some notable popularity and thus a higher rank. The more sites that link to you, the better.

Google also seems to focus some on website functionality (make sure your pages work!) and the amount of content you have. Most of your promotion guides seem to favor sites that have at least 100+ pages of raw content, not counting utility pages (i.e. Terms of Service, Site Map, Privacy Policy, etc.), though utility pages are also important.

In short, your site must be HUGE and full of quality information that people want to see. In time, everyone will link to you naturally and improve your search engine rankings.

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