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Snow Man 07-28-2007 08:25 AM

Save the Snow Man
In an interview Wednesday with the New Hampshire Union Leader, Romney said he's not a fan of the CNN/YouTube format. Referring to the video of a snowman asking the Democratic candidates about global warming, Romney quipped, "I think the presidency ought to be held at a higher level than having to answer questions from a snowman."
He is not related to me :cool:
He must be a Peta member :laugh:

Pocahontas 07-28-2007 03:37 PM

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But I hear you are related to this guy though!!!:laugh: :laugh:

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Macho macho man I want to be a macho man.......:banana:

Snow Man 07-28-2007 03:43 PM

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I see you like pearls around your neck Pokie
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This would be the daughter of Pocahontas ;)

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