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piemaker720 01-04-2008 08:27 PM

Pennsylvania Family Raffles Off Its Home

Tickets Sold For $100 Each


Owners of a home near the Pennsylvania-Maryland state line are so desperate to sell they're raffling off their home.

They're selling tickets for $100 a piece and they expect 7,000 people to buy them.

The owners added hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances and even installed a new, green tin roof. The house comes with three acres of woods and a stream.

In the crippled local housing market, Realtor Cynthia Moler and the owners just couldn't sell it.

Moler decided to give the house to a nearby children's charity operated by Bruce Anderson.

Andersonís charity agreed to raffle the house, sell the raffle tickets for $100, give Moler and the owners their $390,000 asking price and keep whatever's left.

The raffle is scheduled for March 13. If they don't sell enough tickets by then, they'll push it back to May. They hope to raise $700,000.
Now that is a smart idea.:D

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