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piemaker720 01-08-2008 09:46 AM

Leave No Soldier Behind: Amtrak Denies Ride


family's somber farewell to a soldier returning to base turned sour at Union Station in New London last week.

Army Pvt. Mathew Andrews, 20, was headed back to his base last Wednesday in Fort Lee, Va., via Amtrak. But when he realized he forgot his reserved tickets at home, the railroad said the soldier dressed in full uniform that he had to repurchase his ticket and file for a refund.
The lady that was at the desk was very uncooperative and not willing to help him out. So, we pretty much felt bad because it was our goodbye to him," said Cynthia Andrews, the soldier's mother.

"I was extremely angry. It was all in front of them on the computer, paid for with a credit card, and they had all the documentation that they needed to print up another ticket," said Kevin Andrews, the soldier's father.
U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney, D-District 2, called what happened wrong, saying rail passengers should get the same treatment as airline passengers.

"It's just very distressing when you see a passenger, a customer treated so poorly, and to have it happen to someone who's wearing the uniform of this country," Courtney said.

A good Samaritan who overheard the plight gave the young man $50 for travel change
I have no words for this uhm ]choke] lady. :nono:

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