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piemaker720 01-15-2008 12:12 PM

Police Say Man Committed 10th DWI
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A Shreveport man is behind bars on his 10th DWI charge.
The arrest stemmed from a wreck over the weekend that left four people injured.
Police say John Taylor, 75, was traveling west on 70th Street early saturday morning when he crossed the double yellow line and slammed head-on into another vehicle, containing an adult and three children.
A six and five year old are in serious condition.
The driver and another child suffered minor injuries.
Police say Taylor's blood alcohol limit was three times the legal limit.

Authorities call him a habitual offender.
Police charged 75 year old John Sidney Taylor with his 10th DWI Saturday night among multiple counts of vehicular injury.
Officers say the accident happened here near West 70th and Canal Street when Taylor crossed over the center line and hit another car head on.
Police say first responders took Alicia Bryant and three small children riding in the other car to LSU hospital with various injuries.
Caddo District Attorney Paul Carmouche tries to piece together Taylor's long list of offenses which include DWI arrests in 1977, 1980, 1981, and 1993 for which he spent five years in jail.
Carmouche says in 1999 Taylor pled guilty to another DWI and served three years in jail and then had his license suspended for three years.
The District Attorney didn't have enough time to find offenses Taylor could have committed in other jurisdictions.
After a period of time, you are under the law entitled to go back and apply for it and get a drivers license," says Carmouche.
Carmouche says after 10 years, a DWI goes away from a person's record and can't be used against them--something he doesn't necessarily agree with.
"I think the judge and the D.A. Ought to be able to consider any prior offense in any crime," he says.
Carmouche claims Caddo Parish is tough on DWI arrests.
In fact, he boasts a conviction rate of 90 percent.
He says the problem is just because the offenders are thrown in jail, doesn't mean they aren't going to do the same thing when the get out.
Carmouche points to this case as evidence of that.

Even if this man never gets his license back he has proved he will drive without them. This man also proves that going to jail does not bother him. I say lock him up and never let him out, he can't seem to learn a lesson.

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