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Originally Posted by BrainSmashR
What's revolution-worthy about being THE MOST successful, the top 1% that the country has to offer?

Has that in any way affected your earning potential or do you just think the successful should be punished because you're not one of them?
No, but that's what communism looks for. The bourgeoisie, oh noes, they control the country and everything in it, support the proletariat, revolt! Whatever.

It makes sense, but by the time they all get around to destroying the government and society, they have nothing left to fall back on.. it'd be too hard for America to completely change like that.. everybody is too relaxed in their luxurious lifestyle, eating their hearts out, literally, and burning gasoline like it's firewood.

I just think it's not very efficient and selfish.. but as long as I live in this society, I'm taking full advantage of it, why not, ya know?
"Those who are willing to sacrifice freedoms for security desire neither." -Benjamin Franklin
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