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Originally Posted by Santabot
I was.. I thought you didn't agree.

A lot of people don't realize that they actually NEED the support of third world countries and illegals to outsource the work that nobody wants. If the quality of life increases somewhere, it has to decrease somewhere else, a lot of people leave that to humanists or just ditch the idea completely, it sucks.
I told you, my argument was against your statement that "communism works". I agree that no system is perfect, ours is just the best so far....

As far as "needing" third world countries.....I say let's eliminate welfare and bring those jobs back home. You can work or starve, no more free rides.....because as you indicated above, there are lot's of people "taking full advantage of the system". We can use the money we save on welfare to pay people to build prisons for those who would prefer a life of crime to full time employment and putting more cops on the streets. Eliminating welfare, bringing jobs back home, creating new jobs, AND reducing crime, you can't ask for more than that!!!

Fortunately for you, I'm of the opinion you have about 8 more years before you should be considered fully independent, but hopefully your aid will always come in the form of some type of loan and/or scholarships, or your family, rather than actually "taking full advantage of the system" as you've indicated.
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