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Originally Posted by BrainSmashR
I told you, my argument was against your statement that "communism works". I agree that no system is perfect, ours is just the best so far....

As far as "needing" third world countries.....I say let's eliminate welfare and bring those jobs back home. You can work or starve, no more free rides.....because as you indicated above, there are lot's of people "taking full advantage of the system". We can use the money we save on welfare to pay people to build prisons for those who would prefer a life of crime to full time employment and putting more cops on the streets. Eliminating welfare, bringing jobs back home, creating new jobs, AND reducing crime, you can't ask for more than that!!!

Fortunately for you, I'm of the opinion you have about 8 more years before you should be considered fully independent, but hopefully your aid will always come in the form of some type of loan and/or scholarships, or your family, rather than actually "taking full advantage of the system" as you've indicated.
How about demolishing jails, letting out the millions of Americans who we pay $500 in taxes per day EACH to support, have a huge judicial review of all of the American laws bull****ted into the working system (Patriot Act, Smith Act, etc) and allow all of those people to take up jobs. They fail and sit around smoking dope and not doing ****? Tough luck, starve. I think the only crimes that should be punishable are murders that are not in self-defense and robbery in high degrees. All others are bull****, if you can't protect your store from a petty theft, tough **** little entrepreneur / corporate whore; I'm sure you can afford to lose a couple bucks from a punk kid, otherwise, whip his ass and that be done with.

Increase gun availability. Not even the dumbest of criminals would attempt to break and enter or steal a vehicle if there was a huge risk that that person had a 9mm at all times, now.. it's highly unlikely. People need to stop *****ing and retaliate, but in order to reform that greatly, you'd have to redistribute wealth to get an even head start... or it will just go back to how it was.

I didn't say communism "worked", but that it's a "better" system for a country that populated.. America doesn't have that issue, there's diversity.. in China.. you're almost worthless as an individual human being. Here, people have the wealth and knowledge to succeed in the modern world, in others.. labor is the only offering.
"Those who are willing to sacrifice freedoms for security desire neither." -Benjamin Franklin
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