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Originally Posted by Isabella
Thanks Brain. The monitors will be in the same room. It will be at my office and the monitor will be in the window. I figure we can get it set up with the monitors together then move the slide show to the window. I hope it will not be too hard. Two of us will be doing it. One young and one old. Can you figure out which one I am? HA HA.
Shouldn't be any problem. Most video cards that have dual monitor support will have a standard monitor output, a digital output, and an S-Video output. Obviously Monitor1 will be in the standard plug in, so you have to make sure Monitor2 has a digital or S-Video input otherwise you'll have to start dealing with all kinds of adapters and such. S-Video input is pretty standard on your better quality TV's if you want a large display however those extra inputs on a regular monitor are going to be more expensive and harder to find.....hence the adapters....and keep in mind this IS only video, not video and sound.

However, your options are basically endless, keep in mind that quality and functionality are directly related to expense in computer world, but if you can dream it, chances are there's already multiple ways to do it.
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