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Originally Posted by Al Swearengen
Evidently you've never heard of the "MinuteMen"...they're the fat American volunteers who guard our borders with Mexico. Alot of them are fat...all of them are American, and unpaid. I'd wager another group of fat Americans would gladly step up to the plate to build that wall. If I lived close, I'd donate most of my free fat American time to buildin it, bein the fat American that I am.

Most of the aliens are hard workers and decent people, and nobody's disputin that. But they're here illegally and they're a drain on our system, and there aint no disputin that either. As for the native Americans, yeah, they got the shaft in the beginning. But they're no worse off than any other American nowdays. In fact, bein an indian opens up all sorts of benefits and entitlements NOT available to anyone else, and rightly so.
There's only a handful of these "minutemen", you should watch Penn & Teller's Bull****! series on Showtime (most episodes found on Google Video) about immigration.

It took 200+ years for natives to get their rightful spot here, but still, with all the trauma we caused them, their grandchildren better be getting some monetary benefits, even if it's the minimal we reserve for them.
"Those who are willing to sacrifice freedoms for security desire neither." -Benjamin Franklin
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