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Originally Posted by Isaac-Saxxon
Al he prefers pure communism over free enterprise ? Could we call this Anti American ? Well I like your post as always and people that do not like fat American need to haul their ass on out
Was it Anti-American to believe that we should open trade relations with China? Sure, at the time, but that's been done away with and is now an acceptable action.

Progressivism in America needs to realize there will at least be attempts from all angles of every situation by somebody, you can't have a true workable system if there are no polar or intermediate opposites, meaning, I can be patriotic and support other forms of government, but this does not mean my thoughts are away from America, it's hopeful that America will change itself over time, and I will be the one voting (registered today, in fact) soon for these type of changes. Regardless of my effect on the poor voting system we have (which is nil), I will still be representing those views I support, and that a lot of people are afraid of because they would rather fit into mainstream society or are not educated about them enough to support other ideas.

I think you're a bit too hyped up because you're now comfy in your seat of reign as the dominant religion in America. There was once a time where Christians were openly slain in the streets, do the same to me, but look at how much small views can be turned into revolutionary reality.
"Those who are willing to sacrifice freedoms for security desire neither." -Benjamin Franklin
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