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Let me clear up some misconceptions concerning Native Americans.

I happen to be one. I don't live on a reservation, I am not enrolled with the tribe, I recieve NO bennies of any kind. In my entire life, I have gambled away 20 bucks at a casino. I don't even waste time or cash on scratch offs, go figure. Oh, and...I don't eat cinnamin rolls. I am not alone. Many live just as I do. NO NATIVE AMERICAN IS TRAPPED ON A RESERVATION. Quite the opposite. It's increasingly difficult for tribes to keep theirm members on the reservation.

That bull**** Brain spilled out: Actually the native Americans had every opportunity to acclimate themselves to the America way. The chose to keep moving west and preserving their own inferior way of life until there wasn't any farther west to go. That's why you don't hear about major conflicts with the Indians until more than a century after the arrival of white man in the new world.

Now, as far as the monetary benefits "they better be getting"....Exactly how much of that lump sum should fall on YOU, the individual taxpayer, for a "crime" that happened more than 100 years before you were born?
You realy ARE a fool. Many DID acclimate. They even intermarried with the settlers. Most of the ones who were "moving west" already did so every year. It's called NOMADIC you idiot. Their "inferior way of life" as you call it, was peaceful and respectful. They took care of their own, and they still do. If your fool white ass wants to belly up to the bar and drink their liquer, bet all your money in their slot machines, thats YOUR problem, but what they do with it certainly doesnt become your problem. Those monies are used to TAKE CARE OF THEIR OWN SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO.

I sat in a restaurant one day and watched a bus of American Indians get out, and enter the restaraunt. It was one of those buffett places. They lined up in such an interesting way. Elderly first, with young men standing beside them. Then children, then women. The young men assisted their elderly throughout their meals. The women assisted the children while they themselves ate. When did the young men eat? Not until the elderly were done.

Yah. Those barbarians!
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