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Originally Posted by joepole
>I said MORE guns doesn't equal less crime and I have more than proved that point with support of the Federal government.

Whether or not I agree with you, you did not prove that.
Actually I provided a graph from the Department of Justice that clearly shows firearm related crime is on the rise.

Play the Devil's Advocate to your heart's desire, that doesn't change one fact.
>2. If you shoot an intruder in your home and he is Unarmed, and therefore your life was not in immediate danger, guess which one of you goes to jail that night. This is 2007, Al, not 1807, deal with it.

Either him (if he's alive) or nobody (if he's dead). It's perfectly legal in LA to shoot to death an unarmed intruder in your home (or car) even if you know he is unarmed and even if he's only attempting to enter your home or car.
Under Louisiana’s “Kill the Burglar” statute a homeowner can use deadly force against intruders in the home, without any obligation to retreat, if the homeowner reasonably believes that the intruder might use any unlawful force against anyone in the home.

Simply put, you sneak up on an unarmed burglar and shoot him, then you had no justifiable reason to believe unlawful force was going to be used against you....furthermore, I challenge you to find just one case where the homeowner was not charged when the intruder was not armed.
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