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"I'd kick your ass, but I'm scared you'll call the cops"


Did your Mom teach you that one?

Hey look buddy, it's over and you're a coward. I'm not going to meet you at a gym next week and put weighted gloves on my hands and fight you in a place you probably train at on a regular basis.

Remember, I'm crazy, not stupid, stupid.

I already offered to meet you THIS EVENING at a time and place of your own choosing and you came on here with this sob story about me threatening your family and being some kind of crazy murder suspect.

Personally, I think EVERYONE here sees the difference between a man who can defend himself and puss so scared of getting his ass kicked on a daily basis that he has a concealed weapons what 14 states did you say, and absolutely refuses to put his money where his mouth is unless he can do it under close supervision and with a padded helmet and gloves.
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