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My grandmother had 11 and my great grandmother had 12. Back in those days, large families were important because you needed the workers in the fields. I have very fond memories as a child, being at my grandmother's home and helping shell purple hull peas, shuck corn, etc. Picking produce and helping to can it. Making soap. Stuffing matresses.

But this is a different day and age. Large families are great, you have a built in community. Still, I have a saying and it goes like this, "If you can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em."

The downside of a large family is that so much of the parenting has to be delegated down to older siblings. Not all older siblings are qualified for that position. Geesh, state law won't allow day care centers to have that many children unless they have a certain number of QUALIFIED child care personel in the ratio.

There's a reason for that. Think about it.
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