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Originally Posted by Isaac-Saxxon
Changing what they "call" their government does not change the aggressive way they handle there nukes and the way they support all of our enemies.
Socialist, communist or atheist they still want Alaska "back" and they still want to destroy our Republic or as they would call us capitalist.
Hey buddy I knew you would never leave me I do not think you ever did
I agree that China is a major problem but look who taught them how to be a problem ! Russia. I think this meeting of the powers will have a impact on the near future of our relations with the sleeping giant.

Guess what stupid, they way they handle their nukes and the way they treat our enemies doesn't make them Communist OR Atheist just like supporting the First Amendment doesn't make me a Socialist. Furthermore, what THEY choose to call their government has absolutely no bearing what so ever on the definition of a Federation OR Communism.

All you've done is once again prove to everyone paying attention what a complete and total ****ing idiot you are and reinforce my belief that voter testing should be brought back immediately.
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