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Originally Posted by rhertz
Brainsmasher, I guess you didn't see the period ending one statement before beginning the next. You are doing this on purpose. But why?
Just like neither you nor Joe saw the term "only" in my post about the teacher/student bill. Why you ask? I'm fishing for compliments like you paid joe for doing the exact same thing to my post.

Is it because everytime you post here, you get a reciprocal link back to YOUR site. I now believe that you are a troll trying to play the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) game. I will alert the admin of this site to the fact that you will argue ANYTHING that will get you search engine points. Scumming off is pretty low.
I certainly hope you DO indeed tell that to the admin, then he can get a laugh at your ignorance just like I did. Here's a hint, if you don't click the link, then I don't get a hit....and exactly how many users here do you think are clicking links to visit my site. Go on, just guess at a number, I double dog dare ya.
To everybody out there, if you ignore Brainsmasher and do not reply to his points, I once thought he might go away. But then he will post astronomy pictures of the day, or anything to keep his link out there.
Seems to me I've told you once before I wasn't here for your attention.
Brain, prove me wrong and remove your signature and act like everyone else. I dare you. I double dare you. Of course you won't because your signature is the whole reason you are here. A page right out of the Search Engines for Dummies book...
How about you believe whatever uneducated and unfounded nonsense your little mind can dream up and I'll make sure my signature continues to meet with the admin's approval rather than yours.
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