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Originally Posted by piemaker720
Yes Isaac, but the guy that was beaten did not break any laws I guess because all charges were dropped on him. He had come back a few weeks after the hurricane to check on his property. You know at that time the cps were runnung bad there. Stealing cars, beating people up and even killing some. So I say again the officer must be in the wrong or why commit suicide a few weeks before court. His court date was for around june 28.
Although I don't know the facts, your "conclusion" is based on faulty logic.

The charges were most likely dropped because it's been determined that the perps rights were violated during the arrests. Just like Rodney a stolen car, running from police, had crack in his pocket, refused to get down on the ground when ordered by several officers, but because they beat him, all charges were dropped and he got to sue.

Exact same story here, just different variables...some butthole needlessly creates a stressful situation by running from the cops in a stolen vehicle, or taking a swing at a cop after a hurricane destroys his hometown and the governor declares martial law , and then cries like a little ***** when the cops whips his punk@$$
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