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Originally Posted by joepole
>And saying you'll never have children isn't "exactly" calling someone ugly or impotent either...

I know. Maybe he got kicked in the nuts. Maybe he said he was never going to have children. Maybe his class did the flour bag baby thing and he left his out in the rain. There are plenty of ways this could be the most non-offensive thing in the world. Without knowing anything else about this I can't say whether or not it's an over-reaction.

I'm pretty sure this is an over-reaction to a "class clown" award.
For a 12 year old child it's certainly not an over reaction. Nor is the request for an apology....

"I'm sorry my actions hurt your feelings, that was not my intention" closed, issue resolved, we don't have to listen to some guy to lazy to use a car seat tell us he doesn't see what's wrong here either.
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