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Mother Teresa

I just can't believe this happened. I just spent an hour on a reply to these articles and all the related posts, and then I was dumped from the server and it's all gone.

I don't know if I can remember all I wanted to say. Maybe I just said too much and they system couldn't handle it.

First off, let me just say this . . . "Crying, there's no crying in Baseball." Sorry, I liked that movie too. Although I don't agree with his polotics, I like Tom Hanks as an actor. He has certainly played some thought provoking roles.

Anyway . . . .

After reading several pages about Mother Teresa and her lack of faith, or losh of faith, or whatever you want to call it, I feel very sad for her.
I also feel like all the people in positons of trust in her life were not worthy of her trust. She asked her letters to be destroyed and they weren't. Letters to her "confessors" are now published? What happened to what is said in the confessional is sacred? And then one "advisor" tells her to "role-play" an imaginary conversation, and then it is used as "proof" that her faith had faltered.
Anyway, back to Mother Teresa herself (I'll try to be briefer this time). Is it possible that she simply wanted what she wanted and ignored or refused to listen to what God wanted for or from her and in turn was ignored? It is said about her (based on her letters) that the only interest she had in Jesus was the passion, the crucifixion, his death and dying on the cross; that she wanted to suffer as Christ did. Just because she didn't get "Jesus in her heart" as well, doesn't mean that she didn't get what she wanted. She repeatedly insisted on living in complete misery and in fact insisted that all of her helpers/followers live the same way. Why would she think that this was truely how God would want any of his children to live.
Please do not missunderstand me. I really believe that Mother Teresa was a great person and that she made a tremendous difference for the poor and downtrodden people of Caldutta. I also believe that her selflessness has been an example for others and lead to many people giving and helping more.
The point I'm trying to make is that perhaps she wasn't as "faithless" as this book is trying to make her out to be. I'm not sure that the author's reasoning for publishing all of these letters (along with him and many other people telling us what she was thinking) is as nobal as he makes it out to be.
I'm sorry, this version turned out to be much more sceptical than the first.
God Bless

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