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Originally Posted by Texasbelle View Post
Texasbelle has been in Colorado. Just got back and my oh my what a discussion you have all been having. Let me tell you it was great seeing only what God himself created.

I don't know what I can add to this discussion all of my thoughts on this have been been pretty much laid out there already by Isaac, Pokie, Huldah, and Vixweb. It 's interesting to me that the word of God is so very distinctly clear but yet churches and pastors get so caught up in symbols, traditions, money, etc. and forget to focus on the very simple word. And to me it' just that simple the Bible. Study it, learn it , teach it, and apply it.


Unfortunately I have a lot of problems with the Catholic Church. And fortunately for all of you, I don't intend on shareing them all here.
I was born and raised in the Roman Catholic Church. I went to a Catholic school. I went to mass A LOT. It became clear to me that for many Catholics "Sacred Tradition" is more important than the Word of God. I could litterally go on for hours, but I promise you I won't.
I have to start with the amission that I am far from perfect, and won't even pretend that I am close.
You are each free to choose how you will love and follow our Heavenly Father, and so am I. I choose to do my best to follow God's plan, but to do that I must learn what his plan is. To do that I read and study His Word. I don't claim to say that I can or want to do that on my own. There are plenty of useful tools out there that help. . . . The Smith's Bible Dictionary, Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of The Bible. My mother once told me, "Catholic Priests have interpreted the bible for us for 2000 years, it is not our place to question that." I love my mother very much, but God the Father told us "Cursed be the man that trusteth in man." Jer 17:5.
So, now I say that I will not tell any Christian "you will go to hell if you do not believe as I do." As a very well studied Bible Scholor that I study with says, "Each of us have to sail our own ship." When we face our Father for our final judgment, we will face Him alone. No priest or pastor or reverand or preacher will be standing there with us. So I guess I will decide for myself how I will love my Father, and I will do my best to respect everyone elses personal choice in the matter.
Alleluia (Praise be to God)!

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