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I hate to say it, but I don't doubt the story of the nun smacking your friend with a Bible. Something to remember is that all humans sin, and a religion cannot be judged by the sins of a member.


Thank you for your willingness to listen and not condemn.

This is the last I will post in this thread. There are those in this thread who simply mock, condemn, and attack. Then are those who are asking honest questions simply for the sake of knowledge, not necessarily for the sake of conversion.

The sad part is a few people attack me and my religion, and say they only follow what is written in the Bible. I gave biblical references and the Catholic interpretation, and my points are discounted with "waiving incense and holy water". There is no research, no willingness to learn, no willingness to take a deeper look. I am not trying to convert, I am trying to educate. I want people to know the how, what, and why of the Catholic Church.

Catholicism is the last socially acceptable prejudice in America. There are so many misconceptions, and many non-Catholics believe that if one Catholic scorns them, the whole Catholic Church must be bad. The fact is, people of every race, color, religion, ethnicity have the ability to scorn you.

If you want to truly learn more about Catholicism, St. John Berchmans Cathedral has several seminars, classes, etc. on Catholicism each year.
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