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,QUOTE=Isaac-Saxxon;20912]You can debunk and quibble all you want joepole. Do you think the people that write snoops do not have a agenda ? Once again joe you get caught looking at the single tree and miss the entire forest. When a people can vote themselves entitlements and hand outs then they are a cancer to the government and the working class people. You may want to look up Isaac on snoops to see if I really posted that. oh and welcome to LA as rhertz would say. [/quote]

I agree with you 100%, Isaac. What is there to quibble over? I didnt see anything that struck me as untrue or unbelievable. We are in mortal danger of becoming a dictatorship or police state. To dispute this fact is to truly expose one's nievete (sp?) or gullibility. The Republic, if it could even be called that anymore, is on the very edge of doom and nobody is doing a damn thing about it. Like frogs in a slowly heating pot of water. It always happens this way. Safeguarding the Republic is a never ending job because there is always somebody who wants it to fail. And its a dangerous job because the first of us who takes a stand literally risks everything, as a budding infant dictatorship typically disposes of the initial "civil unrest" (and you can define that any way you want) in a very harsh fashion, so as to "make an example" to the rest. In other words, they'll use fear to assert their control. They'll be playing for keeps, and I suggest we all accept that if we want the Republic to endure, we had better be prepared to reciprocate.

Just keep your eyes on the guns. They'll have to go before the enemies of freedom can make their move.

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