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For your consdiration

I think there is a need in humans to beleive in a higher power.

If religion did not exist we would have invented it, and perhaps we did.

During times of hopelessness, and despair, people turn to prayers, God, to get them through science does not provide comfort when a loved one is in danger, or has died, etc.

Science may give us hope of a reality (curing cancer and AIDS), the idea of God gives humans hope, strength, ability to believe against all odds, faith, which in turn enbale us to keep going when all realities may dictate against it.

Humans need to be loved, and need to have hope. In the idea of God,we can believe we are loved by God, even if by no one else. In the idea of God, we can find hope.

By contrast, science does not offer humans love, and only very limited hope.

There is no reason why God and science cannot live side by side. WHat complicates the issue are closed minded folks who through the interpretation of their own beliefs in God want to obliterate science, and scientific discovery.

We as humans need both God and science.

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