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Originally Posted by AnimeSpirit View Post
Well, I don't know if this helps, but my neighbor moved out about a month ago. I think he lived in a rental house because most of the houses on my block are rentals. He had a pitbull too, so I would assume the landlord doesn't mind.

I just don't know if the house is back up for rent. I can look into it for you, Stacy. How many people are you looking for a house for?

Hey thanks alot Anime it would have been cool being your neighbor lol but I found a place yesterday before lunchtime it was the first number I called off my list! Its not a house, house but it will do and I like the location its not all off in town its in rural area its a mobile home and its not in a trailer park(this witch doesnt like trailer parks) and it has plenty of trees for this lil country girl.Couldnt beat the price neither.So we now have a new place to lay our heads and still be able to save for when we are looking to buy some land and build a permanant home.So just like the words that i say yesterday never say never!!This is one happy lil witch LOL
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