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Originally Posted by salguodgrubmab View Post
It opened in 1946. P.B."Buddy"Lombardino and Carl Maniscalco were the proprietors. Carl was bought out shortly there after. It closed in 1978 and was bought and refurbished. In 1979 it became the China Inn which operated until 1990. It is now Action Central. From 1947 at its onset to the late 70's the 3 mile stretch of 80 was home to 64 cocktail lounges and numerous package stores. One day soon I'll map the Bossier Babylon with names of the lounges and addresses.
Sal - thanks for all the pix coming in (your captions keep me constantly amused. Marshmallows). Say - how are you going to map the strip? Memory? Just asking, I was thinking of finding a vinatge reverse phone directory or something for S'port....

Didn't "Action Central" pre-date this location? Like it was down on the S'port waterfront once?

Speaking of "or something" Pocahontas, this place or one like it close by on 80, had a door to the dressing room confusingly similar to the men's room so I walked right in and shut the door to see half a dozen gals looking up with grins. Hilarity ensued. Obviously not the 1st time it happened - they were good fun but beat it out of there before a less jovial bouncer appeared.

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