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Riots - 1988?

So you are referring to the 1988 riots in Cedar Grove?

Was there any rioting near the school? Did you see or hear any of the rioters? Did you or your parents participate in any way? What was the mood in the school? Were teachers afraid? Did you have any worries about your safety?


I was at Byrd High School in the 70s when it was integrated and while there weren't riots students staged a walk-out, not exactly sure why. I use to have a photo of the students gathered around the entrance of the building and what looked like the entire Shreveport Police Dept. across the street waiting to see if there was going to be any violence. Eventually everyone went back to class and the police left, but the tensions in the school remained high. There were many incidents where a group of students (black or white) would corner someone of the other race alone in a bathroom and either harass them or beat them up. Eventually that all subsided also.
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