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>1960s the Cave on the riverfront, Monseur's on Texas Street

My mamma used to go to Monsieur’s to buy Oysters on the half shell for Oyster’s Rockafeller for her parties. I recall going downtown around 10 years old and watching the process. The dude behind the counter would put the oyster on a wavy piece of lead to hold it steady. LEAD? Yeah well, he would pry open the oyster and save the juice and set the beauty down on a tray. Not much too it…

>1960s KEEL radio

Dunno, but I’m pretty sure Tom Pace was there!

>1970s mass-arrest of people in Columbia Park, the resulting protests, and/or the class action suit against the city of Shreveport that followed

Hmmm.. I think I remember that. Also during that time was a big bust of a massive field party at Wallace Lake Damn..

>1970s D'artois standoff with police - trial - death and funeral

I partied with D’Artois’ daughter in high school, but she wasn’t my girlfriend of anything… They lived in Spring Lake. Not much to tell..

>1970s Sun Ray and the first Hard Rock programming on radio in Shreveport

I really miss KROK… and also The Buzz decades later…

>1970s Shreve Square

I should be an expert on Shreve Square but I can hardly remember those days… Sorry, the square consumed a lot of brain cells….

>Al Childs

Was one of the investors in building the original Shreve City as I recall..…

>Robie Odom, Dan Garner, Danny Johnson, Jay Davis, Pat McCoy, Sherman Gorton, Robert Riser, Mike Love, Mike Stark, Johnny "Slim" Campbell, Dominique Cangalosi, Barry Shipp, Wendy Wingate, Mjr. John Hoppie, Don "Wild Bill" Brady, Bob Jones, Bill May, Chickie Johnson, Robbie Johnson, Lynn Hendrix, Dana and Greg Wicks, Jeffery Pomeroy, Diane Moore, Mr. John, Pat Goins, Geneva Wyatt, Hair Shapers, The Attic, Keith Cox, Ann Matkin, Johnny Winter and the Green Men, Terry Bradshaw, Joe McNeiley, Tim and David Demment, Tom Caperton, Jeff Dale, Lora Long, Nina Horton, Ginger Brazzell, Graham Rogers, Sandy Barke, Dennis Kronledge, Tag Graves, Richard and Robert Barham, Mike Todd, Dale Hawkins, Tommy Dorsey, Rudie Valle, David Baird, Stan Lewis, Phil Sage, Bobby Kolb, Danny Dotson, Mike Coker, Wade DeLaun, Allen Stein, Donna Fertitta, Larry Androse, Debbie Kincaid, Virginia Mizel, Sam The Sham and the Pharaohs, Bubble Puppy, Graveyard, Parker Turner

Stan Lewis is one of the more notable in the list… but other names come to mind like Fertitta (Home of the Muffy). Larry Androse is a message therapist … but Bubble Puppy is new to me…

>, Kickapoo,

Sold to Craig Corrente who built a pet shop called “Tropical Paradise”.

Rusty Nail, Saks Whisk-A-Go-Go

Dang haven’t heard those names in years….

>Blue Hole

There was “blue hole” and “green hole” where we used to party on the last day of school…..I never went swimmin’ though…


I remember the “ghost tracks”…. (Mt Pleasant road?)

>Schumpert 8th Floor

Was that the mental ward? I thought that was the 11th floor

>The Municipal Auditorium

Saw Van Halen there. With David Lee Roth, not that other dude..

>Stan's Record Shop

Whoo boy I mowed many a lawn for that dude…

>Have a person or place that you think should be included?

Abe’s Restaurant, Picadilly Italian Restaurant, Brocato’s Restaurant, Don’s Theater, Capri Theater, Broadmoore Theater, Bosco’s Hobby Shop, Shaky’s Pizza, Herby K’s, Officer Hagan, Don’s Restaurant, Cook’s Hobby, Naramore’s, Hearne’s, Rubenstein’s, Selbers, Lo-Mart,.. more l8r..
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