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1960s(70s) KEEL radio = Lovable Larry Ryan
rhertz: "1970s Shreve Square

I should be an expert on Shreve Square but I can hardly remember those days… Sorry, the square consumed a lot of brain cells…."

LMAO. yep... A-train and Killer Beez (sp?) at Humphries, Sportspage -precurser to sports bars with all the screens playing football games.
Rusty Nail = ( I have it in my head that this used to be "Tape City USA" where'd you'd get your 8-tracks); Trout fishing in America played there a lot.

“ghost tracks”…. did that once,

Stan's Record Shop. Stan and the history of the song "Susie Q"

in all.. listen to rhertz and joepoole and Isaac-Saxxon and a few others and u'll do good.


"Hair Shapers" -was that the place next to Byrd on Line Ave? There was a hair place next to Byrd - I think that was the first boutique hair cutting place in Shreveport. They retained a regular barber too - got my hair cut there for a while. It was close to the art gallery.

Leatherhead? There was this leather shop run by a hippie just off of...? Kings Highway near Centenary/Gilbert - somewhere around there. Just a small building kind of sat by itself. He made belts and other such leathercraft.

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