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the place was magic. great photo. DIXIE DREGS at sportspage! hanging over the balcony railing looking down on the band. It was there, from that view that the realization that drummers are magicians. Two hands and two feet all doing different things in rhythm. Try patting your head and rubbing your belly. Got it , now reverse the motion, O.K. took a while but you got it. Now without losing time meter and the beat change to rubbing your head and patting your belly. Pretty hard huh. Now imagine doing that while both legs are doing opposing movements. That is jazz drumming. I think it was 1978 a live music club opened on Linwood where the inner-loop now intersects. The River City Music Hall. The old A&P store was converted into a huge venue. It was great, with some great shows but only lasted 'bout six months. If they would've opened it in the Square it would've been quite successful I believe. There was also a pretty cool joint in Motown for those in the other camp, the disco crowd. I can't remember the name of it after all these years. An entertainer name of E.C. perhaps. Great band. A friend of mine played guitar for him. They would do songs of that era Easy, Brickhouse. What was that band I keep thinking K.C. but I know it wasn't. Everyone derided Donny for selling out but of all my musician pals he was the only one who had coins in his jeans and green in his billfold. I was a stranger in a strange land in there man. There were chicks in there unlike Humps and the other clubs that had good live music at the square. Hey dude that fine chicks over there keeps eyeballing you, go ask her to dance. I..I don't..I say, I don't know how to dance. Man I'm telling you that you could score if you'd only get up off your dead ass and dance with her. Non disco dancers such as myself seldom "scored."
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