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Originally Posted by rhertz View Post

>Have a person or place that you think should be included?

Abe’s Restaurant, Picadilly Italian Restaurant, Brocato’s Restaurant, Don’s Theater, Capri Theater, Broadmoore Theater, Bosco’s Hobby Shop, Shaky’s Pizza, Herby K’s, Officer Hagan, Don’s Restaurant, Cook’s Hobby, Naramore’s, Hearne’s, Rubenstein’s, Selbers, Lo-Mart,.. more l8r..
Bosco's Hobby Shop - Shreve City: That was a boyhood hangout of mine. I use to go in and marvel at the remote control airplanes. I bought my first .049 model airplane engine and balsa wood plane kit there. He was a great guy. I know he got sick of me hanging around always asking questions, but he was always courteous and smiling, even when you could tell he had had enough. I loved that guy, thanks for reminding me of him.

Dons Restaurant - Kings Highway: My family use to go there for lunch on Sundays after church. At the time it seemed like the fanciest restaurant in the world. First place I ever had cajun cookin.

The Don Theater was the first theater I ever attended alone. My dad worked at the Slattery Building for Arkla Gas and when I would go to work with him he would give me a couple of bucks and tell me to "go see that movie you were talking about."

The first time I went I was scared to death. I think it was about a three or four block walk from his office to the theater, but I was afraid that every person walking on the street was going to try to kidnap me. Not exactly sure where that came from, probably my mom. I was so relieved to finally get to the box office.

I sort of remember going to see Saturday matinée double-features at the Don but maybe that was at the strand. Does anyone remember a movie where the actors appeared to come off of the screen and then played out a scene in the audience before returning to the film?

I do remember Shakey's Pizza Parlor as well as Pizza King - that was many a beer ago.

There was a Naramore's drug store in what became the Heart of Bossier shopping center. That's where my mom would go to get all her prescriptions filled. I sort of remember a medicine-like odor every time we went in, can't exactly describe it. My mom would buy greeting cards there too.

I seem to recall that Bealls (which was a couple of doors down) had one of those X-ray shoe sizing machines.
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