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Originally Posted by Isaac-Saxxon View Post

I wonder if old KansasT likes Kansas
LOL, as I've had to explain in many a message board over the years.. I'm no fan of the band Kansas, nor have I ever stepped foot in the state of Kansas.

Not that the band doesn't have some good songs.. and if I remember correctly, I did see the band once at the Copper Top back in the day. Although I do go to plenty of shows, that I WANT to see, back in the day, there were countless concerts I went to, where the music wasn't the driving force that made me go. It was the experience of taking those road trips with friends, and nights out on the town. (Texas Jam concerts for example) when I was all of 16 etc.

Kansast = Kansas Territory = my Great Grandfather on my father's side. (yes, his first and middle name.. strange)
He was born in Illinois I believe towards the end of the Civil war. Illinois sided with the Union in the Civil War, but my grandfather had a few older brothers who fought in the war, sided with the Confederates in Kentucky.

Now you know the rest of the story. I got pretty wasted at the Kansas concert if I remember correctly.

oh yeah.. and my first real "concert" was the Allman Brothers Band at the ol' Copper Top. Think I was 13 or 14..
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