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Originally Posted by Isaac-Saxxon View Post
I am still open for debate on Ron Paul. I have been to his web site. I would like to hear from Al and LN on what it is you like about him. Short list I can do my homework. Vix what is it you do not like about him ? Short list. Can this man beat the Federal Government Machine ?? He has to have Congress behind him to do anything. I am still very much up in the air on who I will choose ? I welcome any comments. Joepole some of you wisdom here please !
Isaac, times like now I wish I was a better debater.

For me, it's the amount of common sense on the issues at hand when I hear Ron Paul speak. Ron Paul's been around a long time. Certainly there are things he would like to change, that may or may not happen, they would require much help from congress and senate to ever pass..

But put simply, if it were up to Ron Paul, he would drastically reduce the size of the Federal Government. Get it back to what it was meant to be, not the huge machine that it is today. Take the Federal Government OUT of the things that it shouldn't be in the business of in the first place, or that it doesn't do very well.

Many things that he speaks of are true "republican ideas" or at least USED TO BE. Smaller government, get the feds out of personal lives.. a strong defense, that doesn't go anywhere. Stop fighting these wars that are bleeding us dry. Don't send troops in because of some UN resolution.

Many of us are working 4 months out of a year, just to pay our taxes each year.. Ron Paul would like very much for us to be able to keep most if not all of that money. Which would be very possible.. end this war in Iraq.. quit sending all this money overseas..

What ever your feelings are on this Iraq war.. whether you are for or against it.. there's just no way we can continue to afford it.. we can't foot the bill anymore. it's bleeding us dry financially. not that there are certain companies making a bloody fortune from it with all the privatizing they done with aspects of the war. Not to mention, our tax dollars, pay to blow up **** over there, so our tax dollars can pay to FIX it. meanwhile our own infrastructure at home falls apart.

Some people freak out when they hear Ron Paul wants to get rid of the Department of Education.. it's my understanding, the Department of Education as we know it, didn't exist until 1980 ? Ronald Reagan wanted to do away with it. For Ron Paul, so much of these things should be considered on the Local level.. take for instance PRAYER IN SCHOOL.. feds say we can't have that.. now if prayer in school was left up to the states, the local level.. I guarandamnteeya, we'd have prayer in schools right here in Louisiana !!

Because of the Feds, airline pilots aren't allowed to arm themselves.. hell an armored car vehicle can protect their cargo, but an airline pilot can't ? why not ? we entrust them with our lives to fly us from here to there.. if we left that kind of thing up to the Airlines.. 9/11 never happens.

Many of the issues that bother us today, abortion, prayer in school, etc.. they take up so much of our time in Presidential Debates.. never should happen, these things should be considered at the Local level, it's what the founding fathers had intended.

Ron Paul is very much Against Abortion, the man has delivered many a baby. But he simply doesn't believe it should be considered on the Federal level.

He's a big supporter of your second amendment rights. He receives the highest scores from the NRA etc..

He's often mistaken for being an isolationist... which is wrong.. he's all about working with other countries, just doesn't want our troops all over the globe, unless we are declaring war against someone.

As long we expect so much from the Feds.. the more they OWN us. And they know this.

on a side note.. I heard elsewhere on these message boards, someone was complaining about Ron Paul, said he was the lone vote against Rosa Parks receiving a congressional medal of honor. Some people call him a racists because of it. Well the story I hear, he has nothing but great respect for the woman.. just doesn't think the $30,000 it takes to make one of those things.. is not a good use of Tax Payer money.. he suggested members of congress pony up the money for it instead..

I don't do any of his comments or arguments justice. I would suggest reading Ron Pauls thoughts on all these issues and more here:

the issues:

his writings:
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