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Originally Posted by rhertz View Post
Yeah those were old classics... Played them both many times.

This isn't a board game, but I used to love the Mattel Thing Makers... There were several themes. The one below as called "Creepy Crawlers" which was my favorite... You would squirt "goo" into a mold and bake it and presto, a rubbery thing is born!
Originally Posted by Pocahontas
It's amazing what toys we were allowed to play with back then!
LMAO - oh yes! My Mom still has the old set back home. They'd NEVER sell something like that now because of the liabilities of burns etc. I remember my Erector Set - an old one even for the day-had a open top transformer with exposed coils... maybe it had lost the lid but still...

Are people just stupider now to get hurt or was it just accepted more back then that you had to take resonable care or else accept it was your own stupid fault to get hurt -accept your own responsibility.

What was the first "toy" to set it all off? Lawn Darts? Now that, no matter how well managed is an invitation to disaster. Hadfulls of spikey winged weighted arrows flung up in the air by young uncoordinated fists in a yard full of softheaded tykes
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