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I watched the debate and I was shocked at how frivolous Romney and Guiliani are in terms of taking issues seriously. They always seem to be taking stabs at each other (or Fred) and act like a couple of high school kids cracking jokes. I don't know how anybody can take any of these candidates seriously when so much is at stake.

I was raised a Republican in a Republican home. My family was very conservative and professional. I was private schooled and college educated. I voted for Bush when I felt he was a good candidate. But I feel saddened about the state of the political system in this country. It has become so polarized and for once in my life I've actually felt alienated by both parties. I'm no longer a supporter of this "neocon" regime and spent a lot of time educating myself about the policies of Ron Paul.

One of the most important issues that I support Ron Paul is the non-interventionist foreign policy. I own a business with a partner in Ireland and have friends who live in Australia, Spain and England. I've become embarrassed of our political actions in Iraq and our "empire building" tradition. Especially when our domestic problems are mounting and our dollar is crumbling. Which is the second major reason why I'm a Paul supporter. I feel our economic situation is dire and I've actually come to an agreement with my partner in Ireland to start charging in Euros for our goods since the American dollar is so weak.

The first sign of the fall of an "empire" is the weakening of the currency. Our American empire supports over 700 military bases worldwide and costs us billions of dollars a year to maintain. Meanwhile, we are stuck borrowing from the Chinese to finance our needs.

What has our country come to?
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