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Originally Posted by LateNight View Post
well.. I always thought Ross Perot was a bit of a nut. other than that, a successful business man.. Ron Paul.. is a doctor.. and has been a congressman for some time.. As a congressman, he had one goal.. to change things from the inside.. he doesn't like the size of our federal government.. doesn't like laws being passed that infringe on personal freedoms.. has never voted for any gun control laws.. has never voted for a tax increase..

From what I've seen and heard on this website.. I can't help but to think that if any of your read Ron Paul's views on the many different topics.. you would be in agreement.
He wants a smaller federal government..
Never voted to raise taxes
never voted for an unbalanced budget
never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership
never voted to raise congressional pay.
never voted to increase the power of the executive branch
Believes if you want to allow prayer in school, that's a LOCAL decision to be made.
and above all us.. believes the federal government needs to get back to a size that is more manageable.. The government just gets bigger and bigger.. requiring more and more money to keep running and to keep growing.. the bigger it gets, the more restrictions we have.

Something needs to be done. To get the spending under control.. or else this is all going to just blow up in our face.

I honestly feel you all would be in agreement with most of his ideas.. other than his foreign policy.. however the alternative.. continuing the war in iraq.. planning on going into iran.. it's all more the same.. means the feds are just gonna need more and more of our money to continue paying for all this.. the value of the dollar going down...

This is our opportunity to do something about the size and the scope of the federal government. pass it up.. I guarandamnteeya.. it'll be more of the same.. bigger government, more intrusive government.. and more taxes taken out of our wallets.
LN, this is the bottom line. Show me a Fox, CNN, NBC, CBS or ABC poll that shows RP as a front runner (1st, 2nd or even 3rd place). If he ain't in the race, he ain't in the race, "votes" be damned. Polls are pretty accurate nowadays. Within a handful of points. Do you really want to place a vote for Ron Paul and by default, place a REAL vote for Hillary or Obama?? Are you willing to take that chance? I mean if RP shows to be in 3rd or 4th place, why vote for him if it isn't going to win by all scientific proof? Wouldn't you vote for George Bush if you could instead of electing Hillary or Obama to the throne (assuming Hillary or Obama are front runners in the polls). If RP is in first or second place in the polls, I will vote for him too just to keep the DNC from gaining more power. it's not what I would have chosen in an ideal world, but it is common sense to tilt the board in the direction you want the ball to roll....
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