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Originally Posted by Neo
I think your misinformed about what I wrote. It is an abortion. It is late term. It was legal and not just for medical emergencies. I'm in the medical field and that is how I obtained the photo from med school. It is sorry to say that, eventhough it is now illegal,if the mother waits and delivers the baby and then dropps it in the dumpster... It is child abondonment and not exactly murder. If pro choice is an entitlement that is liberating, why doesn't the father have the right to say the mother is allowed to have the child?
For the same reason the father isn't allowed to not pay child support for a child he doesn't want. I'm not a lawyer and I can't give you specifics...all I can tell you is that in most abnormal cases (abortion, child birth out of wedlock, etc) that the father is considered little more than a sperm donor.

BTW, I'm not misinformed about what you wrote, your propaganda was an attempt to mislead the reader through an emotional response. You posted the very graphic results of an illegal procedure in defense of your stance on a perfectly legal procedure.
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