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There really is no defined scale by which the points go up. You get points for every month you are an active member, for posting a lot, and for receiving good comments from other members about your posts (via the scale icon). The number of Rep Points you get for a member's comment is based on how much Rep Power that member has.

Member A has 100 Rep Points and 20 Rep Power.
Member B has 150 Rep Points and 35 Rep Power.
Member A likes Member B's post and leaves a good comment.
Member B's Rep Points go up 20 points (based on A's Rep Power)

Also note that when you leave negative feedback, only half of your Rep Power comes from their Rep Points. In the above example, Member A leaving a bad comment on Member B would have removed only 10 points from Member B's Rep Points.

I hope this cleared things up a little.
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