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All of my comments are after his

Originally Posted by joepole
That is the most BS-laden thing I've ever read.

-Threatens marital and intimate relationships.

>No, it doesn't. Someone who abuses pornography (or abuses anything) threatens a relationship.

Apparently it does read the replies after this I'm shocked honestly at them. I figured most were like you which 99% of women can't stand in a man.

- Is experienced as being isolating and depressing.

>By whom? not by me.

Of course not you have no morals it pretty much shows.

- Shares many qualities of other addictions, such as not being able to control the impulse to view it.

>It also shares many qualities of religion, eating, or being an astronaut.

Delusional and lying to yourself that's for sure. Pretty obvious with this astronaut comment

- Threatens employment if done at work.

>So what? That's a problem with your choice of venue, not with your >chosen pastime. Other things that threaten employment if done at work: >Swearing, sleeping, arguing, eating, drinking, staring at the wall, >praying, smoking, and farting.

Well it's everyone's problem that would be involved if you were fired for it. Your wife with those 2 small girls would just love for you to get fired and not be able to provide for your family due to pr0n!

- Is extremely unproductive and leads to frustration on the part of the viewer.

>On the contrary, it is extremely satisfying if done correctly.


- Due to the interactive nature of the Internet, can lead to direct contact with the models on the adult sites.

>You can pick up women anywhere. I would wager that porn stars are less >approachable than most other women due to all the crazies.

But most men won't pick up women so they tend to have the fantasies in their own home about the sluts they are jerking off to. Sure makes your wife/girlfriend feel great about herself i'm sure. Unless she doesn't mind you jerking off to slutty women.

- Can harm the self esteem of some men who feel adolescent in viewing these sites and masturbating.

>If you feel bad for masturbating then there's all kinds of things wrong >with you that have nothing to do with pornography.

Well I have to agree with you this one time. I believe masturbating can be done w/o pr0nography and this wouldn't hurt anyone.

- Is offensive to many wives and girl friends who often feel rejected and not good enough as a result.

>Those women are offensive to me, we're even.

Men like you need to be single and don't deserve anything more than a slut off the internet, nuff said!

- Angers people who consider it to be exploitive and debasing to women.

>People who consider it to be exploitive and debasing to women anger me. >Again, we're even.

Well you seem to fit this profile nuff said!

- There is always worry that children could discover the pornography on computers used at home.

>No, there is not always that worry. I don't worry about it.

Unless your 2 yr old and infant can understand how to search your computer I'm sure you don't worry about it. Just as I suspected you had very small children. It's your type of attitude that thinks it won't happen to me well wake up and smell the roses, never say never because you NEVER KNOW!
have a good day
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