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Originally Posted by Texasbelle
But it is a market that has corrupted society. It has caused significant problems, it exploits people often times, and does it serve any useful purpose? The only people who find it ok are those who are trying to justify it and typically have a bad habit with it.
Name these problems. The only issues I've ever experienced were those seen in obscure news cases where teachers or other administrative figures were in trouble for accidentally showing minors pornography, whether an accidental popup, or a kid snooping in their stash. Is the act illicit? Sure. If you're not used to taking showers daily and seeing a taste of your own medicine.

The body is naked always, and sexual acts are as they are displayed, they don't usually change over time, and they've been just as "illicit" or demeaning as ancient times. I believe the reasoning behind the aggressive stance on nudity and sex in America was the solid foundation from Puritanical settlers with views that sexual acts were strictly to be partaken in during marriage (a religious foundation itself) and that was their own view. Whether or not you believe in these things are your own personal opinion, but in the Treaty of Tripoly (if you're familiar with the events taken place during Andrew Jackson's presidency and that period, where slave trading was soon to be abolished worldwide): "The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion." Almost unanimously, the Founding Fathers upheld these statements, that religion was the closing of the eye of reason, and that would be a fallacy, the downfall of the country.

I'm not against your little religion, don't fret; I've only stated that this epidemic of pornography becoming such a widespread source of media in America, and also a large "problem" in the same location seems to discredit one side or the other. If you contest that there are so many people viewing pornography, committing illicit acts, then with the 85% of Americans that claim they believe in a Judeo-Christian deity, some of them have dissented from the original texts, or possibly it's not so wrong, even in God's terms.

People aren't having more sex, I'm not sure of your age exactly, but if you're familiar with the Baby Boomer generation, THAT was a time where more sex was taking place, not now. Recently, there has been only a sharp decline in the amount of babies being born, despite the increasing shame taken upon those who decide to abort (a woman AND a man's decision, not the Church's).

If you don't view pornography, don't. But I'm sure you don't complain about foodstuffs that you don't eat just because they're displayed in your local grocery store. You also don't enter those stores that you don't intend to purchase goods from, or are interested in; so do the same for pornography, instead of showing your ass out and making someone else's decisions for them.
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