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Originally Posted by Isabella
Santabot, do you have parents? There is no way my son would be doing those things at your age. He is now 23 and does not do those things. Yes, I do know that for a fact! It is not healthy. Back in my day, the people I know who did LSD are not normal today. Some are dead. Drugs are for losers. I have never used drugs, but I have seen first hand what drugs can do to people. You appear to be fairly intelligent. Don't fry your brain.
Then please don't criticize my actions, I appreciate that privacy and ability to do with my body what I wish.

I agree with your concern, and I was afraid at first also, but 3 years ago, I began my drug endeavors, and honestly, after all of the things I've done (there's not much I haven't), I could honestly, in my most sober state of mind (I'm not a drug-addled youth like you may think, even though I have had my fair fair share of experience) tell you that the ONE singular thing I would never take back in my life would be my experiences with drugs.

I can tell you no greater thing that has enhanced my person in ways I never imagined feasible before doing them myself. I appreciate your concern, but I don't need any sympathy or parenting, I've pretty much done that for myself my entire life, and it's made me a bit more rigid than I'd like, but I do think that from what I've seen from the forum, I know quite a bit more about the truth of drugs and their use than many, if not all of you. I don't aim to please or scare or show off here, I simply state that even if you had reason to believe I was a drugged-out kid, sure, think of me as one, but you'll be cutting yourself short of really even knowing who I am, and that's a large failure to do to anyone, I never did that to you guys
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