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Originally Posted by Texasbelle
I beg to differ. You seem to assume a whole lot about us whenever you are replying to our post. You are a 17 y/o child. It is illegal for you to ingest these drugs. Furthermore, if there is a law enforcement officer viewing this thread you can bet they are going to be sure and track you down now. LSD is no laughing matter and I don't care how you try and justify it. If you were my son, I would hope that someone took the time to be sure that the proper authorities saw the post and took the proper measures to seek you out. You think you are intelligent and obviously you are, but the folly of youth is that we often don't realize what you are truly doing to your body until it is far too late. Such would be the case with LSD and the likes.

You can rest assured that this is no laughing matter and will not be taken as such. It's not up for debate.
If you, yourself knew of these laws, you'd know that I can't be convicted for any confessions of anything. You and your God can come to my home and search me for all I care, and you won't find a single illegal substance. I am responsible enough to do that on my own time and not involve my family in the matter, although it may be considered irresponsible to break the law, I do not believe the laws based around those actions are legitimately founded and will aim to edit them in the future when able.

I know what I'm doing to my body, and it never changed me. I don't believe I've ever experienced any negative repercussions to any drug activity I've ever partaken in, other than the occasional hangover or similar after effects. All is well now and taken account for. You make a decision every day to risk your life by driving on the road, just like myself, the difference is nil when you consider you are ingesting the substance and not risking anyone else's life in the process, or even endangering anyone but yourself, if at all.

Being alive is dangerous to your health, breathing the polluted air is dangerous to your health, driving a car, operating heavy machinery, being outside or in public are all dangerous things. Partaking in drug related activities is just another of them, and I personally made the educated decision to go forward with my pursuit of this. This does not mean at any time that I've become addicted to any substance or that the next day I will be hindered in any way, or even while on the substance. I know, I know, you may have a medical background, but from the personal perspective, you really can't argue on the same level I am with the first-hand experience discussion. You just clearly don't know what it's like to experience these drugs and there is no substitute for that.
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