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Originally Posted by Isabella
That's what drug use does to you, gives you a false sense of safety. You think it broadens your mind, etc... well, I have 2 dead brothers who felt just like you. One was a genius. He had a friend who skipped 2 grades in school. He also, was just like you and you know where he is today? He is in prison and his brain is fried. He had such a good future ahead of him and he wasted it! When he was out of prison he could not support himself. You need to be straight and witness what someone is like when they are using drugs. It does not matter what they are using. One word to describe them STUPID!
Then, as stated multiple times, I will take my chances. If your brother hadn't been subject to bull**** laws like the ones the DEA enforces, he wouldn't be in jail, would he? He would be going through normal life, and could do all of the drugs he wanted do, and that's still his decision.

Maybe some of you need to research the term "police state" and what the implications of laws grant the government and subject you to. Even if you don't agree or partake in any activities that would otherwise be illegal, think of the OTHER PEOPLE that it DOES affect, make wiser decisions that reflect EVERYONE's best interest, and you will do this world one better.
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