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Originally Posted by Isabella
Last response to your post, my brother is not in jail, his genius friend is. His friend is in jail for forging prescriptions. My brother is dead from a result of drug use. When he was your age he sounded just like you. Very intelligent, but would not listen to anyone. He knew it all!

When you are 17 and your parents are supporting you, you are subject to rules. We have to protect our youth from themselves, because they do not have life experiences to know what is best for them.

The first bold: forging prescriptions doesn't sound like drugs put him into jail, it appears he made a WRONG decision to go out of his way to 1. Steal 2. Lie 3. Fraud in order to OBTAIN drugs, of which were his own decision to administer to himself. Did I ask you for assistance? No. If I die from drug abuse, please parade at my funeral in tears of laughter, for all I could care.

The second: Did it ever occur to you that there are a select few minds that mature faster than others? Able to make decisions consciously because they've had hardly any parental upbringing and had to make their own choices constantly over time. I don't blame anyone for this, but in a few months, I'll be able to fully support myself legally, change my name, vote politicians into office, die in a war, own firearms, buy tobacco, sell R rated movies and purchase/view pornography, among many other things, but you honestly believe that months before that, I'm entirely incapable of maintaining myself with my own well-being in mind? I hardly believe anything related to that topic itself. I agree, there are some (most) kids that need severe help, but that does not apply to all, mostly it's the parents' fault, whereas, in my case: that's not an issue.
"Those who are willing to sacrifice freedoms for security desire neither." -Benjamin Franklin
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