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Originally Posted by LateNight
LOL, to whomever blasted me with the reputation system for my earlier post.
I'll say it again. It's not like we're going to change santabot's opinion on any of this. Because like I said, kids are gonna do, what they're gonna do. once they are out of the house, and around friends.. they're gonna do whatever. Yes, we teach them to say NO etc.. and tell of all the BAD consequences of said action.

But I was hoping to appeal to another sense of reasoning.. regardless of how controlled Santabot thinks he can be with his drug use.. The FACT OF THE MATTER IS.. at 17, his mind has NOT YET fully developed. The simple fact of smoking a joint is going to have a more lasting effect, than someone who is a few years older. What we say, what his mother or father ever told him, at 17, he's out and about with his friends, left to make his own decisions. I'm just telling him, that what ever his plans are for the future, should it be college or the like.. he is short changing himself for whatever future endeavors he may have.

My current future plans are to go to LSU Baton Rouge and get a degree in Chemical Engineerig at the honors college, get a career in that field, and return to school for a personal law, philosophy, or literature degree, most likely more than one. I strive to be the first of my family to get a PhD degree.

Also, I've been smoking since 13, off and on, I've had my ups and downs, but smoking through literally pounds of the stuff in my time, 6 times a day during school days, I've gotten through all of those odd experiences, in the past few months, I've been a lot more relaxed in doing such, and have no adverse effects anymore, I smoke when I need to "flush" my mind and get rid of everything that's running through it.
"Those who are willing to sacrifice freedoms for security desire neither." -Benjamin Franklin
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