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Originally Posted by rhertz
I see things drifting more towards a subtle transformation into socialist America with increasing entitlements. In other words, we are becoming more like Canada each day. I still see the US as a place where anyone can succeed with hard work and integrity. But success is not free or guaranteed to anyone. If I'm not willing to work or earn a degree and find myself as a lower class citizen, who's fault is that? Just because someone chooses to be in a lower class, doesn't mean they live in a fascist government. There is only so much government can do to educate and motivate someone to succeed.
Agreed, and I've seen it the same in seeing our country evolve into a more socialist democracy like Canada, but the difference is our government still claims we're entirely free, so the people who are reasonably affected by mass media still truly believe they're free, even though they live in white socialist America, rename the republican party to the Nazi party and see how many people disagree, but if you look at the similarities in all aspects, there's almost no difference in the two.

Although I disagree on the part of education, a lot of people are unable to get free education, whereas Canadians are all able to go to university, despite their economic class. Here, we just are willing to pay welfare checks and stick people into holes and not hear from them again, as long as they don't shoot at us and commit heinous crimes, which the act of secluding them just makes it a necessity to look towards theft as a legitimate source of living.
"Those who are willing to sacrifice freedoms for security desire neither." -Benjamin Franklin
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